Butane Gas Cylinders From Portagas, Ireland

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Butane Gas Cylinders Ireland — Portable and Instant Heat Indoors

Enjoy the convenience, economy, and controllability of LPG, by ordering your butane gas cylinders from Portagas today, delivering to Ireland and NI.

Available in pleasingly compact bottles delivered directly to your door, Portagas can provide the most competitively-priced butane gas cylinders Ireland has to offer.

What Is Butane Gas?

Considered the king of indoor fuels — butane is a form of liquified petroleum gas.

Scientifically known as n-butane (C₄H₁₀), this colourless and highly flammable fuel is remarkably clean-burning, making it the consummate choice for inside-home applications. 

Due to its relatively high boiling point of -2 degrees Celsius — compared to propane’s – 42 degrees — it’s not usually utilized for outdoor storage or use.

Benefits of Butane Bottle Gas Cylinders

Choosing the family-owned and operated Portagas as your supplier means you receive high-grade butane fuel at reassuringly pleasing price points.

Utilizing this premium gas permits you to reap the benefits of:

Portability — our 11 kg butane gas bottle format is effortless to transport

Clean — lower emissions than petrol, diesel, and heating oil

Controllable — allowing you to cook and heat as you require

Convenient — our expansive network means you’re just a phone call away from delivery

Compact — Portagas’ 11kg gas cylinder is sufficiently small for indoor use

Efficient — high energy output, low cost, and minimal soot

Instant heat

Reliable and safe

Ordering premium gas from a friendly family business

Uses for Butane Gas Cylinders

As the premier indoor fuel, Portagas’ butane gas canister bottles are for many homeowners, the most convenient way to warm their household. However, there are more applications than simply making your home cosy and snug, including:

  • Powering single burner hobs
  • Summer outdoor grilling
  • Fuelling heat torches
  • Operating a butane fireplace
  • Running a butane gas cooker
  • Driving Supersers and other mobile heaters
  • Use as a butane BBQ gas — in warm seasons

Delivery and sizes of Our Butane Gas Bottles Ireland

Part of Portagas’ commitment is that we will deliver your butane on time and to your specifications — a pledge we take seriously.

For local orders, we can deliver directly to your door from our Armagh-based depot — our recent investment in a modern vehicle fleet ensures your gas arrives punctually and safely.

And, with 17 Portagas LPG gas suppliers and wholesalers across Ireland — you’re never far away from the quality of Portagas butane. Furthermore, with a mammoth stock of cylinders and wheels on the road, we can react reassuringly rapidly.

As butane is indoor and residential use focused, we supply just one size — 11.34 kg.

This convenient and compact steel cylinder fits snugly inside Supersers and beneath grills. And, comparatively lightweight compared to larger propane bottles — it’s relatively effortless to move around your home or garden.

Butane Gas Cylinder Ireland FAQs

How Much Does Butane Gas Cost?

Portagas ensures you will always pay the lowest price for the highest quality heating and cooking fuel. Contact us now to discover our affordable cylinder costs. Trust us, our prices are so competitive, it’s like you’re buying high-street Argos butane gas.

How Do I Check My Butane Cylinder Level?

There are four main ways to check the current contents of your butane bottle:

  • Lift-and-shake — raise the bottle and move from side to side to ascertain the liquid content.
  • Hot-water — gently pour hot water down the side, then use your hand to feel where the temperature shifts from warmer to cooler.
  • Inline gauge.
  • Magnetic gas level gauge.

If you notice your butane bottle is running low, get in touch with us for a swift butane refill.

Is There a Butane Refill Near Me?

Yes! Getting a butane gas refill is effortless! Just get in touch with us, and we can swiftly respond to local orders from our modern Armagh depot.

And, if you’re a little further afield and require a butane cylinder refill, we can arrange pan-Ireland deliveries from our network of 17 Portagas wholesalers and suppliers.

Where Can I Get Butane Gas Ireland?

Portagas promises the most competitively priced butane cylinder Ireland has to offer. Just call us, and we can arrange rapid delivery of your gas in Ireland and NI.

What Size Are Portagas’ Butane Cylinders?

Our steel butane bottles are 11.34 kg — exactly the same as a Calor 11.34kg butane gas cylinder. We don’t supply butane cans.