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 The Warmth and Convenience of LPG Ireland and NI

When you demand the unrivalled versatility, effortless controllability, and minimal environmental impact of LPG fuel — it’s time to switch to Portagas.

The only dedicated LPG gas suppliers Ireland-wide, our family-run and owned business delivers unsurpassed customer-focused attention, promises a commitment to a high-quality/competitively priced product, and guarantee of rapid and on-time deliveries.

Serving both residential and business fuel needs, our expansive network of distributors and wholesalers serve the entirety of Ireland — meaning we’re always reassuringly local.

LPG Bottled Gas Ireland From Portagas

Safe, portable, and affordable — LPG gas bottles allow Ireland’s off-the-grid residences and businesses to enjoy the benefits of a reliable fuel for heating, cooking, driving, and entertaining.

Also known as liquified petroleum gas, this crude oil-extracted hydrocarbon is a clean alternative to natural gas. Pressurized and punctually delivered to your home in a convenient and appropriately-sized cylinder, it promises low carbon emissions and high efficiency — making it the consummate environmentally-aware fuel.

At Portagas, we store, recommend, and deliver two formats of LPG — butane and propane:

Liquid Butane

Butane, or more correctly n-Butane (C₄H₁₀), is a form of LPG with a boiling point of  -2° Celsius — meaning it’s ideal for indoor use. At Portagas, we find that the majority of our butane customers utilize this fuel for:

  • Supersers and other portable heaters.
  • Single burner hobs.
  • Summer portable grills.
  • Gas torches.

Size(s): 11.34 kg

Liquid Propane, Ireland

With a lower boiling point than butane at -42° Celsius, propane (C₃H₈) is more suited to outside storage and use — due to its ability to vaporize into gas in cooler temperatures. Not only does this mean it’s excellent for Ireland’s winter climates — but it also allows you to order larger volumes that will still be usable throughout the seasons.

And, with an impressively high octane rating, it delivers a surprising amount of energy per cubic metre — making it an excellent heating fuel.

Our propane gas cylinder units are typically utilized for:

  • Domestic central heating systems.
  • Industrial and commercial applications.
  • Clothes drying.
  • Indoor stoves.
  • All-season outdoor cooking.
  • Long-term storage.

Size(s): 10.9 kg, 17 kg, 34 kg, and 47 kg

Uses for Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)

As the only dedicated LPG Suppliers Ireland has, at Portagas, we’re delighted that our plethora of loyal customers can enjoy the multiple uses of versatile liquified petroleum gas — in both domestic and commercial environments:

Domestic LPG in Ireland Uses

  • Cooking gas cylinders — both indoor stoves and outdoor grills
  • Caravanning
  • Camping
  • Hot air tools
  • Central heating
  • Portable heating
  • Clothes drying
  • Water heating
  • Car fuel

Commercial Applications for LPG Gas Ireland

  • Catering — delivering affordable and controllable heat
  • Agriculture — for example, livestock heating and grain drying
  • Bitumen heating
  • Roadworks and highway illumination
  • Welding
  • Spray painting
  • Roofing

Benefits of Liquified Petroleum Gas


LPG is an impressively convenient fuel source. Portagas, one of the premier LPG gas bottle suppliers, provides a multitude of cylinder sizes that are manageable, straightforward to store, and conveniently delivered right to your door.

Clean and Economical

LPG gas is a clean-burning fuel that results in little to no waste, low greenhouse emissions, and minimal residue on cooking implements. It promises 11.7% less CO2 than heating oil, 1.8% less CO2 than diesel, and 20.3% less CO2 than petrol. And with our gas cylinder price points among the most competitive in the market — you’re assured of value.


LPG is ideal for cooking, heating, camping, DIY, automotives, and commercial applications.

Effortlessly Controllable

Utilizing LPG means you can turn on heat instantly, meaning a rapidly cosy home. Furthermore, it ensures fuss-free controllability in cookers and gas hobs — leading to impeccable food quality.

High Combustion Rates

Fierce-burning leads to minimal-to-zero soot production — keeping equipment burners clean and reducing maintenance requirements.

Always Accessible

With one of the largest distribution networks from all the LPG stations Ireland has to offer — you can receive cylinders whatever the location of your home, and however far away from the mains grid.

Switching to LPG Gas From Portagas

Choosing Portagas as your preferred LPG gas suppliers Northern Ireland/Ireland has never been more straightforward.

Welcome recent changes in governmental legislation allow you to switch suppliers effortlessly and without headaches. As long as any restrictive exclusivity periods in your current supplier contract have expired — you can join the Portagas family.

What’s more, you don’t even have to worry about awkward conversations with your current provider to end your relationship — we can take care of that on your behalf. Meaning you can enjoy the affordability, convenience, and quality guarantee assured by Portagas without spending a penny or changing your existing tank.