Propane Gas From Portagas, Ireland

Keeping Your Home Snug, Cosy, and Warm

Propane Gas Ireland — Affordable, Clean, and Delivered to Your Door

Relish in the unmatched versatility of LPG by ordering your propane gas from Portagas today, delivering to Ireland and NI.

Equally suited to heating, cooking, and leisure activities, this pleasingly flexible fuel source can be swiftly delivered to your door by our family-owned and run business — the only dedicated propane gas Ireland offers.

What Is Propane?

Undoubtedly, propane is the most flexible of all bottled gas formats.

A form of liquified petroleum gas, propane (C₃H₈), has a lower boiling point than its close cousin butane, at -42 degrees Celsius compared to the -2 degrees of butane. This crucial characteristic permits the fuel to vaporize into gas at seriously low temperatures — meaning its function isn’t affected by cold climates and making it ideal for use in Ireland’s winters.

Furthermore, this also allows you to store the gas outside your home, and order in bulk volumes — reassured that its performance will not be affected as the seasons change.

Clean-burning, efficient, and economical — it’s the consummate all-rounder for domestic fuel applications.

Benefits of Using Propane Gas Ireland

Switching to Portagas for your propane gas supplies not only means you enjoy on-time deliveries, a premium quality fuel, and affordable price points — but also allows you to take advantage of the unparalleled versatility of this LPG gas.

Utilizing propane in your home delivers the benefits of:

A vast range of propane gas bottle sizes — a cylinder for every application

Clean burning — lower emissions than diesel, petrol, and heating oils

Controllable — pleasingly adaptable for cooking and heating

Flexible — suitable for a wealth of household uses

Controllable — pleasingly adaptable for cooking and heating

Storage — buy in bulk, and the gas will last through the seasons

Efficiency — high power output, low price points, and negligible soot

Instant heat — no waiting for the room to warm, as with solid fuels

Safe and reliable

Ordering premier gas from a helpful and friendly family-run business

Uses for Propane Cylinders

Opting to use Portagas’ liquid propane means virtually all your domestic fuel requirements can be met from a single energy source. Our high-quality LPG gas can be effortlessly used in your home for:

  • Heating — including central heating systems and real flame fires
  • Cooking — the controllability of real flame hobs and stoves
  • Outdoor grilling — including BBQs and propane jet burner systems
  • Camping
  • Caravanning
  • Prepping
  • Tumble drying
  • Patio/balcony heating
  • Water heating
  • Backup electricity generator

Delivery and sizes of Our Propane Gas Cylinders

Our commitments to you are that we will deliver your propane to your specifications, on time, and at an affordable price — pledges we take seriously at Portagas.

Local orders are despatched from our Armagh depot and swiftly conveyed to your door — with our recently expanded fleet of vehicles, your propane arrives safely and punctually.

If you live a little further afield — you can still enjoy the benefits of Portagas’ premium yet competitively priced fuel. With 17 LPG wholesalers and suppliers across the island of Ireland, you’re always within reach of the Portagas brand.

And, boasting a vast stock of cylinders and trucks on the road — we can react to your orders pleasingly rapidly.

As consummate propane gas suppliers, we have bottles for every demand requirement:

  • 11kg gas cylinder (10.9 kg) — for low-use applications such as patio heaters and BBQs.
  • 17kg — for higher demand uses, e.g. cooking and clothes drying.
  • 34kg — ideal for central heating and real flame fires.
  • 47kg — full home heating, cooking, and industrial/commercial applications.

Furthermore, due to the low boiling point of propane permitting storage, you can order two or more bottles — utilizing a changeover valve to ensure you never run out of gas. As a responsible fuel retailer, we carry a mammoth stock of propane and propane accessories — to ensure you get the most out of your clean fuel.

Propane Gas Ireland FAQs

What Is Propane Density?

At 25 degrees Celsius, the density of propane is 1.808 kg/m3 — that’s about 1.5 times the density of air.

Can I Buy Propane From Portagas for Commercial Use?

Yes! At Portagas, we can supply commercial, larger propane cylinder sizes for high-demand applications. We believe we have the most competitive 34kg and 47kg propane gas cylinder prices Ireland and Northern Ireland can offer.

Do You Provide Accessories for Propane?

Yes! To ensure the most comprehensive LPG service, at Portagas, we can help with a plethora of propane accessories, including:

  • Propane gas hose.
  • Propane gas cylinder adapter.
  • Propane gas connector.
  • Propane gas regulator Ireland — climate suitable.

Contact us to discuss our propane, butane, and LPG accessories.

What Are Your Propane Cylinder Ireland Sizes?

At Portagas, we supply a reassuringly wide range of propane gas canister bottle volumes to suit demand needs, including:

  • 10.9 kg
  • 17 kg
  • 34 kg
  • 47 kg

Is Propane a Hydrocarbon?

Yes. Examples of hydrocarbons include methane ethane propane and butane.

Can I Get Hold of a Propane Gas Cylinder Near Me?

Yes! Getting a propane refill or a new bottle is easy! Simply get in touch with us, and we will rapidly respond to local orders from our expansive Armagh, NI depot. 

Or, if you’re somewhat further afield and need a propane cylinder, we will arrange despatches from our web of 17 Portagas suppliers and wholesalers in Ireland and NI.